Proofs and Puddings

I made the first proofs of all the prints I’ve cut in the studio/gallery. The Merry Maidens woodcut needs a bit more cutting, but only details now. I like it in black and white, but I might try printing it in colour and maybe with another plate to bring more of a layered woodcut

The Men an Tol print is on vinyl and the stones are cut in a section that’s separate from the flowers and figures – they fit together like a jig-saw. This is the first proof in black and white, but I’m intending to print it in at least two colours, inking each up separately.Men an T vinyl

This third proof is of a row of little figures I cut a couple of weeks ago that I’m planning to use as part of a mixed media print soon.little people

We’re not promising to open the studio/gallery again until the New Year – time to be creative with cooking now! We’ll also rehang our work to have a focus on our experience of the art of our prehistoric ancestors. We’ll announce dates soon. Make sure you’re signed up on our mailing list ( on the home page) if you would like to be invited to Private Views when our new exhibitions open.


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