Artists and the Ice Age

Happy New Year! We’ve just started hanging our new exhibition at the studio/gallery. This exhibition presents a wide range of work that reflects our experience of spending time with the art of our prehistoric ancestors. After many years of making drawings in caves, this collection connects ancient and contemporary ways of seeing the world around us.R ceiling

This is one of Paul’s large oil paintings, ‘Heaven’s Above’. It is about images made by prehistoric artists in a small domed area of the vast cave in Rouffignac in the Dordogne. Beyond timeViv is showing several groups of multi-media monotypes, built up from the hundreds of drawings she made in the dark in different caves.

The exhibition is in our studio/gallery at 2, Stanford Square, Worthing, BN11 3EZ, from January 15th until February 14th 2015. It is open from Thursday to Saturday, 11am – 3pm, or we can open by appointment if you contact us to arrange it.

Keep an eye on our personal blogs over the next few weeks as we will be writing more about the work in the exhibition.




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