Towards a Virtual Gallery

P1010840Interesting times in our studio/gallery! We’d always intended to use the space to try out some different projects and through August we’ve been making videos with members of the South Downs Film Makers. Our plan was for Paul and Viv to each make a short video in which we talk about some work as though we’re showing it to studio visitors. Viv talks about some of her mixed media work about making art in Florence and Paul talks about how prehistoric art has inspired some of his recent large oil paintings.P1010848

We each made a draft script and discussed it with the Club team, working out how to hang the work and what sort of lighting would be best. We only had a rough idea of timing, because neither of us is good at remembering to keep to a script and we wanted to try to be as natural as possible.P1010842Filming went really smoothly, except for the times each of us went blank and needed a few more takes! Then we found we couldn’t move around with enough space for the cameras, so we had to do some speedy re-hanging. The Club team did a great job of both setting the scene and filming – they definitely earnt their coffee and iced buns! Some very skilled editing has almost been completed and we’ll soon be able to publish the videos. P1010851You might like to make a note that our next show will be in Brighton – the Brighton Art Fair on Friday and Saturday September 25th and 26th from 11am – 6pm and Sunday 27th from 11am – 5pm (



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