Review and New

acropolis1Coming into a New Year always makes us review the year before and plan for the year ahead. Viv has revisited the large mixed media prints she had started based on her paintings and drawings from Greece. The first group, of the Acropolis in Athens, are finished now.acropolis-4

Viv says: I loved how the silhouette of the Acropolis seemed to float above the city, out of time and space. Impossible not to think of the ancient Greeks and their gods, their stories and legends, the images of their wars and feasts – so I’ve tried to include some of these ideas in the series of prints.p1020358

The main image of the Acropolis and the caryatids (the figures from the Erectheum) are carved into a woodblock, which forms the structural basis for this group of prints. I drew a map of the Acropolis site and it is collaged in, under a layer of printed ink, with the caryatids. The dancing figures and the warriors are small relief prints made from drawings of pot fragments, so the idea of fragment shapes is also used.p1020361

Each of these monotypes makes use of the main woodcut, some embedded collage (chine colle), relief prints and sometimes direct drawing in oil pastel.

You may have seen the first one or two in their early stages last year in our Open Studios in June. This year our Open Studios will be in the last two weekends of June and the first one of July as part of Worthing Artists Open Houses.



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