Worthing Art Trail

posterpaulmartin2stanfordsq01Our Martin Studios exhibition will be in our new studio/gallery at 2, Stanford Square, Worthing, BN113EZ this year. We will be open from June 11th – 28th, on Thursdays to Sundays, from 11am – 5pm.posterdavids

We will be working there and happy to talk about our current art projects. Both upstairs and downstairs you can see our recent work, including large oil paintings, drawings, prints and multi-media works, alongside some earlier pieces. Our exhibition this June reflects the season and celebrates our experience of spring and early summer.

For more information, blogs and invitations to Private Views, sign up on http://www.martinstudios.co.uk.

For information about all the venues in Worthing Art Trail and a map, see http://www.worthingarttrail.com. 



Art on the Pier

pier1Come and visit our most recent exhibition on our lovely Victorian Worthing Pier! You can’t get a more sea-side experience than this – light sea breezes, waves crashing beneath, deck chairs, ice cream… and a free art exhibition! pier3Thanks to Nadia and Nessy of Creative Waves. pier4Our studio gallery is open too, near the pier in Stanford Square, just off Warwick Street. We’ll be there this Bank Holiday weekend from 11am – 3pm and then all through the Worthing Art Trail, from June 11th – 28th, Thursday – Sunday from 11am – 5pm. We’re showing lots of our work inspired by early blossom and the sense of renewal that spring brings.


May Exhibition

We’re showing a range of our spring-like work to celebrate the month of May! P1020259

There are paintings of cherry blossom from the south of France and lots of etchings, woodcuts and screenprints alongside some mixed media work on paper and board. Viv is still cutting a woodcut of daffodils and Paul will be working on an oil painting – so watch out for wood chips and wet paint!

We’re open Thursday – Saturday and Sunday and Monday on both May Bank Holiday weekends, all 11am – 3pm.



We’ve just returned from Cornwall, where we always hope to see the first signs of Spring! It was still quite cold and wet, but there were amazingly bright yellow fields of daffodils, hovering in a rather grey landscape.

Viv has started a woodcut that she’s thinking of as a field of daffodils, although she has changed the perspective.daff2

It’s drawn as fairly large flower heads, as though seen from the side, but clustered tightly in a square that represents the field as though seen from above. It’s quite difficult to cut, but although she’s working from several drawings, she’s making changes to use the woodgrain as she goes along. You can see Viv cutting this in our studio/gallery in Stanford Square in Worthing – open for our ‘Signs of Spring’ show through March, on Wed – Sat, 11am – 3pm.spring2


A Hint of Spring

Now that we’re seeing the sun again and there are little signs of spring, we’re changing the work in the studio/gallery around to feel less like the Ice Age and more like early spring!

So we’ll be hanging Paul’s recent painting of Camarge horses, reflecting the clear bright light there early in the year.paulmartin2stanfordsq01

Viv’s woodcuts of cherry blossom on the hills around the prehistoric caves will also be in the next show, ‘Signs of Spring’, which will open from March 12th until Easter weekend.vivmartin2stanfordsq05

There will be more cherry blossom and Viv will be working on a woodcut of a field of early daffodils seen in Cornwall – unless she gets distracted by magnificent early magnolia…


It feels like the Ice Age!

It’s feeling rather appropriate to have an exhibition up that’s called ‘Artists and the Ice Age’. With flurries of snow and an icy wind, I keep thinking that the caves where Ice Age artists worked (in a constant temperature of about 10 degrees) are warmer than our studio/gallery at the moment! But we will be open this week, Thurs – Sat, 11am – 3pm at 2, Stanford Square, Worthing, BN11 3EZ.ice age8

There are several of Paul’s large oil paintings in the studio/gallery and he says more about them in his blog (find it on www.martinstudios.co.uk). Many people have been particularly attracted to the one above, ‘The cow jumped over the moon’, for it’s rich colours and happy, playful animals. We used this painting for our Christmas card this year and people are often surprised to see an image full size when they’ve only seen it before as a small photo.ice age3

Upstairs there are the first proofs of two of Viv’s larger woodcuts. These link the blossom of trees in spring that cover the hills around the caves with the hidden imagery deep inside the hills. rt wc with vigThese embody echoes of ancient stories of winter and the rebirth brought by spring, the sense of hidden depths providing shelter – perhaps not only through one season, but for the many thousands of years until the art of our ancestors was rediscovered.


Icy News

Our ‘Artists and the Ice Age show is on until February 14th – more info on http://www.martinstudios.co.uk. These are some of Paul’s big oil paintings that capture the atmosphere and glimpses of images in the caves and there are more upstairs. ice age7

In one of our smaller rooms there are a group of Viv’s monotypes that are about  the tiny Venus figures from the Ice Age.

ice age6

Viv loves the idea that they have been waiting for thousands of years to come out of the ground and be with people again – what a privilege it is to be living at the right time to meet them again!ice age5