Artists and the Ice Age

Happy New Year! We’ve just started hanging our new exhibition at the studio/gallery. This exhibition presents a wide range of work that reflects our experience of spending time with the art of our prehistoric ancestors. After many years of making drawings in caves, this collection connects ancient and contemporary ways of seeing the world around us.R ceiling

This is one of Paul’s large oil paintings, ‘Heaven’s Above’. It is about images made by prehistoric artists in a small domed area of the vast cave in Rouffignac in the Dordogne. Beyond timeViv is showing several groups of multi-media monotypes, built up from the hundreds of drawings she made in the dark in different caves.

The exhibition is in our studio/gallery at 2, Stanford Square, Worthing, BN11 3EZ, from January 15th until February 14th 2015. It is open from Thursday to Saturday, 11am – 3pm, or we can open by appointment if you contact us to arrange it.

Keep an eye on our personal blogs over the next few weeks as we will be writing more about the work in the exhibition.




Proofs and Puddings

I made the first proofs of all the prints I’ve cut in the studio/gallery. The Merry Maidens woodcut needs a bit more cutting, but only details now. I like it in black and white, but I might try printing it in colour and maybe with another plate to bring more of a layered woodcut

The Men an Tol print is on vinyl and the stones are cut in a section that’s separate from the flowers and figures – they fit together like a jig-saw. This is the first proof in black and white, but I’m intending to print it in at least two colours, inking each up separately.Men an T vinyl

This third proof is of a row of little figures I cut a couple of weeks ago that I’m planning to use as part of a mixed media print soon.little people

We’re not promising to open the studio/gallery again until the New Year – time to be creative with cooking now! We’ll also rehang our work to have a focus on our experience of the art of our prehistoric ancestors. We’ll announce dates soon. Make sure you’re signed up on our mailing list ( on the home page) if you would like to be invited to Private Views when our new exhibitions open.

It’s the last week already!

Time has flown and our first exhibition is nearly finished – we’re open until this Saturday although we’ll probably open a few days the following week because both Paul and I have been developing studio work that we want to complete before Christmas.

We went to Cornwall again shortly before we opened the studio/gallery and that revived my ideas about Cornwall. I’ve revisited some of my earlier work, in particular several prints and paintings that I made of the Merry Maidens stone circle near to Lamorna. At the moment I’m working on a woodcut that I’m hoping will form the main structure for a new print. Here you can see the ‘studio’ space we’ve been working in and a closer view of the woodcut before it is printed. wider early mm woodcut

early mmwoodcut

I’m hoping to be able to make the first proof on Friday and maybe also proof a smaller vinyl piece that I cut last week of the Men an Tol, another very special set of stones near to Zennor.

Early in 2015 we will be showing a much wider range of our work from prehistoric subjects – watch this space!


What a busy week!

Wow! Our first week is over and we’re delighted with how many people have come to find us. We want to run as a studio/gallery so that we can develop our work and talk to visitors about the paintings and prints we have on show. We showed some older work alongside the new – here’s Paul fixing my recent monotypes of prehistoric caves under my big oil painting and earlier composites. P in shop2

We realised that we’ve set up the ‘gallery’ part, but have very little of the ‘studio’ part in place yet, so that’s what we’ll be arranging next. We’ve also been asked to do talks to groups, workshops with art clubs and have professional conversations with people returning to art after a gap or feeling ‘stuck’ in their personal art practice. So we’ll be busy! Lots to think about too – having a town-centre studio/gallery is a new venture for us both and we want to explore the range of options it offers to extend our own practice in interesting ways.


Opening next week!

We’re almost ready to open next Wednesday! We’ve had a hectic time getting the building work done and hanging our work in the new studio/gallery. Here’s a view of part of the downstairs space – note the blossom prints on the ceiling. nearly ready

These prints were almost a disaster! Viv made them to cover big round holes that had been left in a lot of the ceiling tiles when we took out the old lighting to install spot lights on tracks. The prints are handprinted on canvas and we stuck them onto the tiles with carpet tape, which seemed to work well. Paul clambered around getting tiles up and down and we got in quite a mess taping the prints on, because the ink hadn’t dried properly. When we came back in, several days later, several prints were lying on the floor and others were hanging from the ceiling, looking like Salvador Dali floppy clocks! Lucky this didn’t happen when people were in the gallery – they might have been accidentally ‘printed’. Should all be safe now – very strong glue replacing the tape and most of the ink is dry!

We’re open from Wednesday 19th – do come and see our work!


Our new Studio/Gallery

Paul and Viv Martin are starting an artist run Studio/Gallery in the centre of Worthing, UK. It will have exhibitions with publicised opening times and at other times will be running more as a studio with artists working.

Viv with new fascia

The first exhibition features work by both Viv and Paul Martin and is called:

‘Something Old, Something New’

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, November 19th and is open Wednesdays – Saturdays, 10am – 5pm until December 13th 2014.

Do come and see us!